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. >> vice president joe biden was also at the beer summit. why was he there? >> they dragged the vice president at the amtrak train at the last moment. >> why? >> i think they were concerned about the image, the photograph that would go all across the country of having two after cab american men professor gates and the president of the united states with one white police officer squeezed in between the two of them. so for racial balance, i think they brought joe biden in. also, joe biden's background from scranton, pennsylvania, gives him some blue collar street cred which the president needs. >> joe biden is the guy on the campaign trail running against obama who said obama was a clean, articulate african- american and he's the guy they bring in to make it seem more balanced? >> maybe it was an effort to diffuse -- excuse me. to eleanor's point, obama's been hurt badly on this because it was a trowsh judgment on his part and racial profiling on his part. he and gates and the governor of massachusetts basically racially profiled this white cop who was doing his duty who never brought
kennedy. mika, great to have you here on this morning. listening to joe biden last night talking about his friends and foes, i think about what we have seen this past week. a week that comes at the end of a very long hot, ugly political summer. ted kennedy, the liberal lion of the senate that's actually brought republicans and democrats together this week. whether they agreed with him or not politically, talking about a man who could work across party lines and even while fighting john mccain talked about last night. even while fighting you, loving you. >> absolutely. john mccain and orrin hatch both had beautiful things to say about their relationship with ted kennedy that had nothing to do with politics and everything to do with politics. >> and there were -- jon meacham is with us. "newsweek" put out a special commemorative edition. an absolutely beautiful edition. you guys turned it around in 10, 15 hours. it tells the remarkable story of this man, these brothers, this family. >> heroic family in the greek sense of the word. biden pointed out last night, it goes on, there was a particu
six pack and my personal favorite, joe biden. [ laughter ] if you pull this cord, he talks for 45 minutes. >> i take the amtrak to work every day. then after work, i take it home. let me tell you something about joe biden. he's not going to back down -- >> it's great if you want to clear out a party. [ laughter ] >> or keep elk out of your yard. >> but we're not just here to sell products. we're here with a message. we're at a crossroads in american history. the leadership of the next four years will have many challenges, and i believe my experience and my leadership will make a difference. >> also, too, sorry. i need to remind you that there are only two minutes left in our washington outsider jewelry extravaganza. [ laughter ] >> are you someone who likes fine jewelry and also respects a politician who can reach across the aisle? if so, you can't go wrong with mccain/"fine-gold." [ cheers and applause ] it commemorates the mccain-feingold act and also looks great with evening wear. thank you, cindy. [ cheers and applause ] >> and what busy hockey mom wouldn't want to freshen up
kennedy. joe biden is there, he's been basically there every step of the way, he was there last night. when he spoke out on wednesday, he was holding back, choking back tears, given that close relationship that he had with senator kennedy. so many others who literally felt oh, so close to senator kennedy. senator biden has been through so many policy battles, and kwlet he wanted to talk about the man, not the senator, the man, the man who came to him when his wife was tragically killed in a car accident. >> and saying no, you must rally. >> and they're thinking not to serve, you must serve to honor their legacy. >> more about the man, than the legislator if that makes any sense. >> and john, let me just add to that that we have spoken. patriarch of the family, which is of course the case. he was also the patriarch. >> so grateful to him because to serve with ted kennedy. and not get to know him and not have him reach out to him. in a way, this is a man who suffered so much in his own life, and the way he found comfort was in comforting others. and that's exactly what he did over and o
where he could get the votes. >> vice president joe biden said one thing that ted kennedy was not is petty. he always saw the big picture. and he lifted people around him. is that accurate? >> i think that's very true. not only because of his principled position, but also because of his personality. i think he loved life. >> he did love life. he occupied the room, didn't he? when he came in, he owned the room. and the question now, that's such a tremendous void for the democrats. who do you see picking up that torch. >> well, you know, it's not only a matter of your liberal orthodoxy or your principles, but it's also a function of longevity. you know in the first term or two, he didn't have nearly the impact he had after his third or fourth, fifth term. it takes time far good wine to mature. it takes time for a senator to mature. >> appreciate you being here. he hosts "american voices" a weekly show on sirius and xm radio. just moments ago a man who has known senator kennedy for a long time, senator john kennedy spoken in hyannisport, john kerry. here's what he said about
shriver. vice president joe biden will join shriver's family and friends for a private funeral mass later this morning in massachusetts. yesterday, a steady stream of mourners paid their respects at a public wake. shriver was the sister of the late preside kennedy and founder of the special olympics. shriver died tuesday at the age of 88. >> and the time now is just about 6:07. we have 71 degrees. >> and when "good morning washington" returns -- a disappointing start to the preseason for the skins. we'll look back at last night's blowout. >> and happy friday morning. meteorologist adam caskey live in downtown rockville. i am tracking a few showers on our radar display. i'll show you those coming up and talk about our chances of rain for later today, and, of course, detail the weekend. >> sounds good, adam. jim russ is coming back with another check of your friday morning commute. you're watching "good morning washington wash this is a typical snack bar. but kellogg saw an opportunity to plus things up. we took out their peanuts... because adding almonds would be a plus. we'd be better off
of joe biden. i like joe biden, he has some quirks, of course. [laughter] but at the time i was really pulling for richardson ended the obama people know about richardson's background? >> guess they knew about richardson very well in fact, and he really was not a patch in the selection process. joe biden was the conventional safe choice. he gave when obama needed, foreign-policy background from capitol hill, of respect among the democrats. forget whether he makes mistakes sometimes speaking rationally or whenever, much --. [laughter] he was respected and he appealed to white caller voters and blue-collar voters might sense of for that and may provide sense and it wasn't going to be hillary and it wasn't going to me -- joe biden was the perfect choice. >> the mention of bill richardson makes it irresistible for me to read one passage of this book. richardson is a great character if you have watched him. he is a politician who has all sorts of energy in this month's big cigars and needs to match mexican food. he is talking about his endorsement of obama and how much he came to like obama
-- in the gulf war. his remains were discovered in iraq. >>> hundreds of mourners including vice president joe biden and stevie wonder gathered to mourn eunice de shriver. -- kennedy shriver. her daughter, calif.'s first lady stood behind her and spoke about her at the church today. >> she was strong and vulnerable, tired, tireless, determined, and ready to surrender to god. >> maria shriver's uncle is battling brain cancer and did not attend the services. special olympians were also there. >>> a woman at the center of the abu grabe prison scandal was scheduled to talk about her new book as part of a forum in d.c. today. the event was caedel because of threats of violence and protests. she was convicted for her role in the picture scandal. she is now appealing that conviction. >>> conflicting statements could result in a kidnapping charge against a former astronaut being dropped. the statement was thatshe sprayed her with pepper spray during the 2007 confrontation. she is accused of driving from houston to orlando to kidnap her romantic rival. >>> next, a young journalist scores a one-on-one w
. >> vice president joe biden was announcing 11 michigan manufacturers that will receive half of that $2.4 billion to build greener vehicles. >> thousands of people have taken advantage of the cash for clunkers program. we have more on what's dealerships are doing with those. >> i am standing in a parking lot filled with clunker's just like this one. there are hundreds of them right here. here is what happens to them next. every car traded in the cash for clunkers program has to be drained of oil and cleaned out with this white liquid. >> every vehicle has to have the engine destroyed. >> is a lengthy process. some dealerships are still waiting for their money from the government. >> they're already for the concord bomb -- clunker bomb. the vehicles behind me have already been drained. >> stripped-down, smashed, and headed to a record -- wrecker. they can make some money is sending the car to a steel mill. either way, they have six months to sell car parts before destroying the cars. at this point, congress is expected to extend the program through labor day. live from maryland, abc 7 ne
was the founder of the special olympics. she died at the age of 88. vice president joe biden and oprah were in the crowd. >>> some cooler weather could help the crews today across northern california. 2000 residents have been forced to evacuate and the flames are threatening a thousand homes. more manpower, six helicopters and six planes expected to join the fight today. >>> an ohio man sentenced for harassing women while wearing a woman's bathing suit. he was arrested in june while wearing the green one piece. he was ordered to spend three years in probation. he pled guilty. he exposed himself along the river bank. >>> back on the road for another town meeting, today president obama is heading to montana where he could run into more protesters. organizers expect about 500 people to show up. he's set to highlight the plan. >>> still ahead at noon, taking a live look outside, stay tuned, you're first warning weather forecast is 15 minutes away. here's a look at the day's my day stock. ??o >> for some reason i think this desk reminds him of the vet table. >> i think the lights are a li
biden -- the vice president of the united states, joe biden. [applause] >> thank you very much, paul. vicki, all the children, john used to regale us like that all the time. john has acted like teddy always took advantage of him. you should have seen it when they both came up on somebody else. i remember we were talking about angola wants. you were working out a deal with some of our more conservative friends. you agree on a particular course of action. along with your colleague, we were in teddy's office. the night as i was as a young senator, we started about how we're going to approach this issue on the floor. teddy said, you've got to do this. i said, that's not what we said. we told these guys we reported that. teddy very politely said to me, no, it went on for a few minutes. john stood up and said, biden, what the hell do you think this is, state? -- boy state? i know we're all here to celebrate the life of an incredible man. but i want to say to the kennedy clan, i want to give thanks for your father, thanks for your husband, thanks for your uncle, thanks for your brother. in
. >> economic stimulus bill is working. that is >> economic stimulus bill isthat is what joe biden said. he said, "i can tell you today recovery act is working career enacted. is best? according to a study presented by better homes and gardens, definity color recapture. it corrects the look of wrinkles and discoloration. 50,000 voters. one brilliant winner. (announcer) introducing new tums dual action. this tums goes to work in seconds and lasts for hours. all day or night. new tums dual action. bring it on. sean: tonight in "your america," you heard steny hoyer get an earful from citizens, but that was not an isolated incident. americans are now making their voices heard. take a look. >> this is a system that runs quite well. >> [unintelligible] >> over 10 years, it would create a $6 billion surplus. [laughter] [applause] >> [unintelligible] [chanting "just say no"] sean: joining me now is the "national review" editor at large. the two observations -- i am shocked the democrats skimped on the talking points and they are referring to a veteran like we saw in that as part of an angry mob. does th
. >> let me tell you who i associate with economic policy, warren buffett and paul volume caner. joe biden or dick lugar the republican ranking member or general jim jones the leader of nato. those are the people democrats and republicans that have shaped my ideas and who will be surrounding me in the white house zbloonlt america, this program is under a great amount of pressure to not bring you this news. i would ask that you listen carefully. we're going to do exactly what obama himself has told us to do. we have to find out about his advisors. who is shaping his opinion heroics is surrounding him. we know it's not based in eugenics but what is it? you see your voice isn't going to be represented in this these war room in a crisis situation. right now, that is all anybody is talking about in his advisory ring or on the floor on the studio. only if there is a crisis what will they do. whose voice will the president hear? there is dr. emanuel. he said in january of this year, when implemented the complete system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly between 15
'll be at camp david. several hours of closed door meetings are scheduled today and vice president joe biden is expected to speak. >>> president barack obama is sounding upbeat on the chi. in his weekly radio and internet address he cited friday's commerce report showing the economy shrank just 1% in the second quarter. that's less than expected. he said that indicates that the economy is turning the corner thanks to the nearly $800 billion economic stimulus plan. >> as far as i'm concerned, we will not have a recovery as long as we keep losing jobs. i won't rest until every american who wants a job can find one. history shows you need to have economic growth before you have job growth. the report yesterday on our economy is an important sign that we're headed in the right direction. business investments, which have been plummeting in the past few months, is showing signs of stabilizing. this means that eventually businesses will start growing and hiring again and that's when it will really feel like recovery to the american people. >>> republicans are launching new attacks on president obam
of closed door meetings are scheduled today and vice president joe biden is expected to speak. >> as far as i'm concerned, we will not have a recovery as long as we keep losing jobs. and i won't rest until every american who wants a job can find one. but history shows that you need to have economic growth before you have job growth and the report yesterday on our economy is an important sign that we're headed in the right direction. this investment which has been plummeting is showing signs of stabilizing. this means that eventually businesses will start growing and hiring again. and that's when it will really feel like recovery to the american people. >> a small victory for president obama and his goal of health care reform. just before the house broke for august recess yesterday, it's energy and commerce committee passed a comprehensive health care reform bill. it allows for negotiations with the insurance industry to determine reimbursement rates for the government run public insurance option. representatives are prepping for heavy campaigning for and against the bills while they are
want to know if she is in fact a woman. >>> live pictures here of vice president joe biden who is discussing health care today in chicago, and he says the obama administration is giving more than $1 billion to hospitals to help them convert to electronic medical records. in his announcement this morning, he said the money would come from the $787 billion stimulus plan. the vice president says electronic records will be more efficient and safer for patients. >> we're here today to hopefully begin to make our system a little healthier again and in the process deal with preserving america's wealth rather than squandering it as we're doing now in this exponential curve of medical health care costs that the public doesn't realize understandably that we provide about 50% of the health care already, some indirectly by the federal government, medicare and medicaid and, i mean, there's a gigantic component here for financial solvency for the united states. >> the money will become available on october 1st which is the beginning of the new federal fiscal year, of course. >>> and presiden
. >> no doubt about it. everybody seems, whether you talk about joe biden or yourself or everybody has a story this morning about how he reached out in a time of need and helped his friends and helped even people that he didn't know. >> well, you said it best earlier when you were talking about people in public life when they pass, you know, someone comes up with one story. >> in this case it's bottomless pit of these stories and gestures you hear for the first time. it's also -- i think chris mentioned it, too. it's so rare for a public figure to hold on to that quality of being able to put himself in someone else's shoes particularly someone who lived an extraordinary life yet all of the stories seem to have that common feature where he is thinking about what it must be like to be that person, for example, liddy's daughter at her graduation for him to come up and put his arms around her and just to put himself in her shoes, how must she feel at this moment? i think a striking feature. wesh getting close to the president's statement because i think we each have a shot of the camera where the
and accomplishments. both the president and vice president joe biden met with cabinet officers on friday. biden ran the show yesterday while the president was at camp david. the white house says the meetings reviewed what the administrations had done in its first six months and set priorities for the next six months. >>> treasury secretary timothy geithner was at that meeting and says the economy is no longer on the edge of collapse. he expects it to grow by the end of this year and predicts unemployment will slow significantly by this time next year. >> the broad consensus is you're going to see positive growth in the second half of this year and expect that to continue. >> about that 2.5% level? >> not clear yet. but you need growth before you get businesses to start creating jobs again. and that's where we're going to be very focussed on doing. >> reporter: geithner's predictions weren't all rosy. he warned the bailout plan and the economic stimulus bill are expanding the federal budget deficit. he says any economic recovery won't last unless the deficit is renewed in the near future. >>> with b
with joe biden under himself and today, he wrapped up a trip to d.c. after scoring the big interview he's been trying to get for months now. a-on-with president obama -- a one-on-one with president obama. >> reporter: damon we'ver is not your typical 11-year-old boy. the elementary school reporter from florida wears a suit and has business cards. he's kind enough to help us with our dear. >> young man. >> reporter: even though he gets reginized by fans and has interviewed plenty of big names and is comfortable chatting up the rock star he sees standing on the street and that is nothing compared to the business this younjournalist just wrapped up in washington. >> when i saw president obama it was like wow and this is the president of the united states. i shook his hand and i was so nervous, my legsstarted to crumble. >> you were nervous? yes. >> that's right, thank you very much. >> reporter: that's right, thursday, he interviewed president obama at the white house, asking him about education, his basketball skills and school lunches. >> i suggest that we have french frys and mangos eve
changed a family and the nation. longtime friend joe biden today spoke with kennedy's widow. >> i was talking to 50 this morning and he said, she said, -- i was talki to vicki this morning and she said, he was ready to go, joe, but we're not ready to let him go. >> his colleagues said they will commit themselves even more health care reform. he is survived by his wife, vicki, and five children. >> tomorrow and friday, he will lie in repose at the john f. kennedy memorial museum in boston. a ceremony will take place at our lady of perpetual help basilica, which had special meaning for president -- for senator kennedy as a place of hope and optimism. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery. >>> people round the nation gathered to remember senator kennedy. in northwest washington, but dozens of people gathered. they told us they had never met the senator but it wanted to honor his work. from strangers to colleagues, to friends, millions are mourning the loss of edward r. kennedy. >> most people remember senator kennedy as the titan of the u.s. senate, but a parish priest in
. >>> vice president joe biden served alongside ted kennedy in the senate for 36 years. i spoke to him on wednesday and i began by asking him about his friend's legacy on capitol hill. zblf >> everything was about possibilities. i never, ever, ever in 36 years of being with him ever saw him down in terms of "we can't get this done," "things aren't going to get any better," "the deficit's too big," "we can't get this pass. ." never, ever, ever. i couldn't understand it. 36 years later i find myself more optimistic and excited than any time in those 29. teddy was that way every done. he just got up. that's what a kennedy was supposed to do, what he was supposed to do. >> was there a defining moment when you watched him in action in the senate and you saw the full range of his power? >> i watched him on the renewal of the civil rights legislation. i watched him on hate crimes legislation. i watched him go back at it and go back at it and i watched him change people's minds. all these conservative guys who shared nothing in common with his philosophy. why did they like him? he always, whet
to his two brothers. and scheduled to speak at tonight's memorial are joe biden and john mccain, showing he had the rare about to forge true friendships with folks who didn't always agree with him. i'm karen brown. michelle, back to you. >>> karen, thank you for that report. in california more than a thousand people have been told to evacuate ahead of raging wildfires. there are nearly six fires burning. overnight flames destroyed at least one home in a seaside community where at least 1200 have been ordered to evacuate. >> right now we have three helicopters from l.a. county and one from l.a. city just as a normal response would be. so they're doing an extremely good job in assisting in the fire and knocking out the fire, but most of the work, of course, is going to be done by hand crews, and we do have engines in areas providing structure protection. >>> and north of downtown l.a. residents of another 500 homes were told to evacuate when a fire kicked up overnight. >>> this morning tropical storm danny is starting to make an impression on the atlantic coast. a tropical storm watch is i
demand for the truck parts made here. vice-president joe biden predicts the initiative will revitalize the american auto maker. >> the future success of electric cars relies unfettered batteries. by rick -- relies on better batteries. this is a good environmental investment. >> the parts for the electric cars will not necessarily translate into cheaper fuel prices. >> if everybody were driving a fuel-efficient car, you would probably have more demand. they would travel to vacation spots. as demand picks up, the price of energy goes higher. >> the allison transmission plant in white marsh is the only maryland facility included in this round of stimulus grant. reporting live in white marsh, wbal-tv. >> lawyers for baltimore mayor sheila dixon have more time to put their case together. her corruption trial has been delayed. she is charged with theft and perjury. the indictment accuses the mail of a failing to report gifts from a developer and former boyfriend ronald lipscomb. dixon is accused of personally using gift cards meant for needy families. lawyers for the mayor say they will move
today." >> joe biden-- i am glad he was there, becse he had a non- alcoholic be. he bught sobriety and temperance to the even secondly, it turned out at one thing ey did bond over, the officer and a professor, with the boston red sox and t boston celti. >> last word. thanks. see you nexteek. foa transcript of this broadcast, log on to
now to george mason university. that is eric shinseki, joined by vice president joe biden, and senator jim webb, and president obama -- marking the new g.i. bill, the first since 9/11. it provides education benefits to veterans. that is live coverage here on c- span. >> through this most comprehensive veterans' education benefits package -- the most since the g.i. bill of world war ii. the courageous men and women in uniform have shouldered significant responsibilities for our country. this new g.i. bill clearly demonstrates the nation's respect and appreciation for your service and sacrifice. it is also our commitment to them that they are our best hope for future leadership in this country. the maximum benefit allows every eligible service member and a veteran the opportunity to receive a fully-funded undergraduate education at any state college or university anywhere in the united states or its territories. it includes a monthly housing allowance and annual book allowance, editorial assistance , and educational tuition and fees. eligible service members can also elect to transfer th
to the white house. earlier today democratic vice presidential candidate joe biden and congressman john murtha spoke at a rally in johnow
's championship game in williamsport, pennsylvania. >>> and vice president joe biden helped the winners to celebrate. >>> when we return, another look at morning's top stories. and the deadliest month for american forces in afghanistan, august takes a heavy toll. luci: i'm luci romberg. i'm a free runner... ...national champion gymnast... ...martial artist... and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) you weren't always my favorite day. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes. but now i have new zyrtec® itchy eye drops. it works fast, with just one drop, to relieve my itchy eyes from allergies for up to 12 hours. no other allergy itchy eye drop works faster or longer. which is good, 'cause there's a lotta paws to shake. with new zyrtec® itchy eye drops i can love the air™. (announcer) find it in the allergy aisle next to other zyrtec® products. >>> on the cbs morning news oig, here's a look at today's weather. it will be a beautiful autumn like day
in cambridge today." >> joe biden, i am glad he had a non-alcoholic beer. brought sobriety intemperance to the event. secondly, it turned out that one thing they bonded over, the professor and the officer, were the boston red sox and the boston celtics. professional baseball team and basketball. they thought they had that in common. it proves the importance of sports. >> last word. thanks. see you next week.
the white house to the capital. vice-president joe biden and remembered his close friend and colleague of more than 30 years. >> for 36 years i had the privilege of going to work and sitting next to him. and being a witness to history every single day. i would not be standing here were it not for ted kennedy. >> he was affectionately known as the liberal line and offered more than 2500 bills from civil rights to health care. >> he was important to the public policy of this country. >> it was this feeling of strength and power that went with his humanity that made him such a great senator. >> he is also drawing plenty of accolades from his republican colleagues. mitch mcconnell said his life was truly momentous. john mccain said he was irreplaceable. back to you. >> i hear is not just current lawmakers reacting to his passing but we are also hearing from several former presidents. >> we are. former president george h. w. bush called him a seminal figure in the senate. president carter said he was an unwavering advocate for millions of less fortunate. and nancy reagan says she considers
for two months this year. vice president joe biden predicts the initiative will revitalize the american automakers. >> the future success of the electric cars relies a better batteries, better drive trains, better integration of the two. by reducing carbon emissions from cars and making alternative energy more available, these batteries are as good an environmental investment as well. >> some caution that the push toward electric cars will not translate to cheaper fuel prices. >> if everyone was driving a fuel-efficient car, he would probably have more demand. people would be traveling to vacation spots easily if the price pickup, -- if demand picks up, president and she goes higher. -- price of energy goes higher. >> this man caught a 1062-pound blue marlin on wednesday, breaking a maryland record by more than 100 pounds. it took him three hours to reel in the catch. the tournament runs through tomorrow at ocean city. >>> coming up, she is one step away from making history to find out why sonia sotomayor may be appointed to the high court by the end of week. and doctor kim hammond from
important recalls to tell you about tonight. first joe biden volkswagon and audi are recalling cars for transmission problems. >> there was no forward motion at all with the car. the engine was racing and the transmission was slipping. >> this is a classic safety hazard. >> it is only a matter of time until it continues being kept. >> volkswagon said the recall effects 2008/2009 jetta withaa direct shift gearbox transmission. the consumer products safety commission is recalling one and a half million dvd players. the dura band units were sold at walmart stores from january 2006 and july 2009. they can overheat and cause a fire. >> if you have this brand dvd player stop using it and return it to walmart for a full refund. walmart received 12 reports of the dvds overheating. five resulted in fires. >> so far no injuries have been reported. >>> great way to end the week. fourth straight day on wall street. the rally on wall street may have been fueled by this. home sales in july posted the largest monthly increase in the last ten years. much of the credit is being given to first time
, it was an emotional joe biden who made it clear this is a man considered by many in washington not only a great leader but also a great friend. >> to change the circumstances of tens of millions of americans in a literal sense. >> today, one public mourner said massachusetts has never known life without ted kennedy. >> senator kennedy will be buried near his brothers at arlington national ceremony -- cemetery. he will lie in repose at the presidential library in boston on thursday and friday and a mass will be held at our lady of perpetual help basilica in boston on saturday. senator kennedy is eligible to be buried at arlington national cemetery because of his time in congress and two years in the army. >>> before he died, the senator tried to make sure that massachusetts had two senators in place for the health care vote. today, the fall patrick said he supports the idea. kennedy sent a letter to state lawmakers asking that the law be changed so the governor can appoint someone to fill his seat until the next election. >>> among those eressing condolences for senator kennedy, former president jimmy
's niece caroline kennedy and vice president joe biden. tomorrow, charlie, we'll hear from president obama at the funeral. >> john berman up in boston. and you can see this evening's service in its entirety, and it will be on abcnews.com/kennedy. >>> we turn now to that extraordinary kidnapping case in california. phillip and nancy gir ree toe were charged today with 29 counts of on duction, rape, sexual assault and imprisonment for kidnapping jaycee dugard in 1991. today, we learned more about the girl's captivity and virtual isolation for the past 18 years. here's mike von fremd. >> reporter: today, the husband and wife accused of kidnapping and keeping jaycee dugard captive for all these years were in court today. garrido shas admitted to fathering two children with jaycee. the first was born when jaycee was just 14 years old. today, police scoured the sheds and tents in the garrido's secret backyard. this is where jaycee and their two young children lived for all these years. it is hidden from view behind debris and fence. but neighbor damon robinson is one of several neighbors who cal
the tough 21-footer for the win. he holds off tiger and the field to win the barkley's. vice president joe biden on hand for the little league championship. bottom four, two on for gratt, rbi single to right. california jumped on top, 4-3. defense still wins championships. taipei rallied. inning ending double play chula vista came back from three down to win the little league world series, 6-3. finally, check out this catch from the padres/marlins game. ramirez, shot to right. left his feet, made a diving grab. a great grab but not enough for the padres. they lost it, 6-4. that's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >> thank you, fred. >>> did the two horror movies debuting this weekend cancel each other out? your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, the biggest little city in the world just discovered tomatoes. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this monday morning. i have something very impressive to show you. this is hurricane jimena, category 4, 145-mile-per-hour wind hurricane. this is the baja of california, texas
. the vice president of the united states, joe biden, is getting ready to speak. over at the department of energy and we'll gethere and hear what joe biden has to say. joe biden one of senator kennedy's best friends in the united states senate. i know that this is a deep, deep loss for joe biden and here he is at the microphone stephen chew, the energy secretary just introduced him. let's listen to the vice president. >> mr. secretary, thank you and your staff for the privilege of being with you today on what, as i prepared last night was to be a joyous occasion announcing another step in the direction of energy independence and you said the president made a wise choice. the wisest choice the president made was asking you, i mean this sincerely, to be the secretary of the department of energy. you've assembled a first rate staff and you've taken on a role that is going to be, is going to, in large part, determine the success of these next three and a half years. whether or not we make a genuine dent, genuine progress in moving towards an energy policy that can help america lead the worl
interred at arlington national cemetery. martha: are reports that the vice-president joe biden was big on friday night. there are reports that president obama will speak at the mass on saturday. kate, some folks look at this and say the democrats are doing exactly what they accused republicans and conservatives of doing when they said this was all astroturf. now it sounds like they want to do the same thing. >> the funny thing is that it is not happening based on the opponents. the opposition is the grassroots. many of them are seniors who have never been involved in politics or town hall meetings before. they are showing genuine concern about the quality of health care and the cost of health care and end of life issues. susan was right when she said the question is can the democrats from the top generate the support. it is really coming from the pharmaceutical companies that have an $80 billion deal with the white house. coming from the gleeful trial lawyers. they're not even worried about tort reform. that is not even on the agenda. there's a difference between the fabricated support
was on the phone with me literally every day, in the hospital. >> vice president joe biden served with ted kennedy in the senate for 36 years, but it was his first year when biden's young wife and baby daughter were killed if a carcrash and young son injured that he felt like quitting. >> he was there at every high point anevery low point in my life. >> ted kennedy took his tragedies and transformed them into empathy, empathy for those in pain or in trouble or in sorrow. >> misfortune strikes the kennedy family once again. >> in 1964, when he was almost killed in a small plane crash, bir bayh of indiana whohoululled him m omom t wreage.e. >> t t s sayayinis wheno gogoin t t touough, , the toh get gog and ted kennedy was made out of tough material. he didn't let it get him down. he was determined to be a better person for it. >> a man who has worked closely with senator kennedy and knows his record well. >> here is senator birch bayh of indiana. >> we have become close personal friends and i had a chance to learn firsthand of his great compassion and concern for the problems facing you the people
job in cambridge today. >> joe biden -- i am glad he had a non-alcoholic beer. secondly, it turned out that one thing they did bond over was the boston red sox and the boston celtics. >> last word. thanks. see you next week. for a transcript of this broadcast, log on to insidewashington.tv.
and of all of ours, the vice president of the united states, joe biden. >> thank you so much, vickie and all the children. john used to regale us like that all the time much in the senate dining room. and john's acting like teddy always took advantage of him. you should have seen it when they both teamed up on somebody else. [laughter] >> john and i remember talking about angola once and you and teddy were working out a deal with some of our more conservative friends and agreed on a particular course of action, and i was along with your colleague with dick clark, you and dick and teddy, myself and teddy's office as a young senator we talked about how we'd approach the issue on the floor and teddy said we've got to do this and i said, well, that's not what we said. we told these guys we were going to do that. and teddy very politely, teddy jr. tried to tell me, no, he -- and this went on for a few minutes and finally john in a roaring voice said, biden, what the hell do you think this is, boys state? that was my introduction to the squeeze of kennedy and culver, what the hell do you think thi
kennedy's and all of ours, the vice president of the united states joe biden. >> thank you very much, paul. vicky and all the children. john used to regale us like that all the time at lunch. in the senate dining room. and john's acting like teddy always took advantage of him. you should have seen it when they both teamed up on somebody else. john, i remember we were talking about angola once and you and teddy were working out a deal with some of our more conservative friends. and you agreed on a particular course of action. and i was along with your colleague dick clark, you and dick and teddy, myself, and teddy's office. and me naive i was as a young senator, we started about how we were going to approach this issue on the floor and teddy said we've got to do this and i said but that's not what we said. we told these guys we were going to do that. and teddy very politely, teddy jr. tried to say to me, no, we're going to -- and this went on for a few minutes and suddenly john in a roaring voice said, biden, what do you think this is? boy state. this was my introduction to the squeeze of k
foreign policy, i associate myself with my running mate joe biden, or with dick lugar or jen general jim jones, former supreme camed commander of nato. they have shaped my ideas and will be surrounding me in the white house. glenn: america, this program is under a great amount of pressure to not bring you this news. i would ask that you listen carefully. we will do exactly what obama himself has told us to do. we have to find out about his advisors. who is shaping his opinion? who is surrounding him? we know it's not based in eugenics but what is it? these are the people he will call in a crisis situation. right now that is what people are talking about. we are only talking about if there is a crisis what will they do? whose voice will the president hear? well, there's dr. ezekiel emanuel, a health advisor. he said this in january of this year. quote, when implemented, the complete lives system produces a priority curve on which individuals aged between roughly 15 and 40 years get the most chance, whereas the youngest and oldest people get chances that are aten ewated. the science czar,
it will be extremely emotional. you will see john mccain, his good friend orrin hatch, joe biden, so i think it will be a little of the irish wake. there will be some funny stories. i think there will be some joy but i think there will obviously be a lot of tears as well. >> roy sekoff and ron christie, thanks for joining us tonight. appreciate your time here on "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. msnbc will carry senator kennedy's memorial service live tonight. our special coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. you're watching the place for politics, msnbc. >>> irish wake. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in new york. it's not just a man who passed away this week but an era that's now passed. it's not the new frontier figures like jfk, jackie, the irish mafia, kennow o'donney o'd lyndon johnson, it's the generation of massachusetts politician who is came later, tip o'neill and gary studs and top insiders like kirk o'donnell, and leo deal. they're all gone, and now eunice and teddy. the obituary page, the irish sports page. this ye
should ask joe biden, because before the election, he said this. >> mark my words. it will not be six months before the world tests barack obama like it did john kennedy. the world is about to elect a 47-year-old president of the united states of america. are remember, i said standing here, if you don't remember anything else i say, watch, we're going to have an interings national crisis with this guy. glenn: it doesn't make sense, but is the civilian national security force just preparing for what joe biden predicted? if so, make the case, mr. president, because it doesn't make sense. does it to you, america? please, i want to be wrong on this. i don't want to believe these things. this is bad stuff, but give me another reason. who builds an army against an unidentified, unrecognized mysterious threat that doesn't exist? because we can't answer that question, and no one in the white house or anywhere else will answer this question, or any of the other questions that we have proposed this week, then it's up to us to look for clues. maybe we start with the company whose c.e.o. is a clo
is the vice president of the united states, joe biden. he was extremely close to ted kennedy. the other was senator chris dodd who said today, i lost my best friend. as i share those words with you, i want to bring you into the next part of this hbo documentary that we are being allowed to share with you. again, this is teddy in his own words. that's what this is called. this is interesting. this is ted kennedy in the early years. >> people have a lot of challenges, a lot of heart ache during the course of their lives and still try and reach out and help other people. that is sort of a central kind of a theme in terms of our development. from the days of high school, i always wanted to run for office. i would say probably in college, i really became most interested in politics. >> there is no stopping a touchdown by ted kennedy. brother of massachusetts senator, john kennedy. >> all of us played sports. in our family, all the boys and girls were all really treated very equally and the strongest in the pecking order, people understood that. plus, being the youngest member of the family a
, joe biden. joe biden is well liked in the senate koshgs cross the aisle. my concern as i watch it as a citizen an not just a journalist is the senate used to be the place where bipartisanship was not only possible but favored. it was the way did you things. it's the way you wanted to do things. it was for the good of the country to come together in the end after a tough debate and make a deal. i don't see that ethic alive in the senate anymore. and ted kennedy was very embodiment of it. right off the top of my head, i don't see any one person who can step into that role. i just don't. >> let me -- mayor, your thoughts on that? you were the top legislator in california for all those years. i worked with liberals for so many years. tip o'neill and also frank moss of utah and he had mus beingy. and i was totally devoted to someone like phil hart of michigan. we've had great senators over the years and n. both parties. >> that was a young man appointed to the senate from the state of colorado last january. his name was michael bennett. i believe that michael bennett would have beco
when he said you just don't like a black president i said wait a minute, joe biden is white and i think he is a bigger so how can this be about race? i have to say there was a great political cartoon, folks. i don't know if it was in your local newspaper but had a picture of president obama carrying around joe biden like he was a piece of wood and he walks up to this government window and it says cash for clunkers. i just love that. i think we need to turn in the whole obama administration for the cash for clunk, program. i just have a few minutes. i want to talk about the three pill ars of evil in washington. that is to say the legislative agenda that we have to defeat. first, i want to talk about the greatest hoax. that is global warming. this climate change agenda is so evil and so much conary. many americans think a global warming is happening. many people think this is a problem. i want to assure you of this. no matter how big a problem you think that climate change is,, the capt. trade bill will have zero impact on global climate. it will have a big impact on our economy and our j
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